About the Course

This is a 2 year online, part time, certificate course on Management Basics, learning through family business. You may be having your own family’s business. In that case it will be ideal to use the context of that business for this course.

In case you do not have family’s business, still it is possible for you to derive learning from this course. All that you need to do is to connect with a friend who has family business and who is ready to help you in your learning.

Irrespective of whatever you are learning in your routine studies, what ultimately matters is your ability to connect with real life situations and family business is an ideal ground to learn about the realities of business in particular and life in general.

Every family business is full of thrill and challenges. On one hand there are huge opportunities and on the other hand there are never ending problems. Hundreds of decisions are being taken and all kind of uncertainties are handled. Some problems are solved and some remain unresolved and businesses learn to live with it.

This course envisages advancement for you on all the three pillars of education – knowledge, skills and attitudes.

  • Knowledge
    Applying yourself to the family business will expose you to each and every aspects of the business. Whatever is your academic background, you will augment your knowledge about business tremendously.
  • Skills
    You will witness and eventually develop skills in areas related to communication, observation, listening, negotiation, analyzing numbers, decision making, etc.
  • Attitudes
    Finally you will realize values of learning to face failure, to take on challenges, to dream big, You will become alert to the values of becoming dependable, passion, perseverance, curiosity, attention to details, initiative, and the most important – the role of values and ethics in family business culture.

At the same time you will also learn about the vital role of the family values and dynamics in the family business. How family dynamics become the critical pillar and support for the business and how it facilitates agility, risk-taking and quicker decision making which are the unique competitive advantages of the family businesses.

The contents and the methodology of the course is explained below in the next sections. Welcome to this unique and precious learning that build the prized foundation of your life.