Management Basics – Learn From Your Family Business

In this course you are going to learn about business. You need to identify a mentor who will guide you and help you in your interpretation. Ideally he/she could be from the family or from the business senior staff. After each session you will study one specific aspect of your business, make a report and submit to this mentor. You can do the submission online or physically. He would go through your report and help you correct your interpretation. Once he is satisfied with your learning he should indicate that on the system. Only after that you will be entitled to go to the next session

Course Fees : ₹ 20,000

You can pay the fees online. If you are bonafide student of an undergraduate college, on recommendation from the college you can get concession in the fees. In that case please ask the college administration to write a mail with a scanned copy on the college letterhead to :
After receipt of the same you will be intimated about the registration

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